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Abu Dhabi Government

Ramadan Majlis


Scope of Work:

Concept & Creative Direction,

Event Operations, Official

Contracting, Congress design

& build, Floor Management,

Conference Management,

Venue Branding.


Abu Dhabi Government

Ramadan Majlis, Abu Dhabi






Over 4,000

The Abu Dhabi Government Media Office commissioned ADNEC Services to organize the first ever Ramadan gathering for all government entities during the Abu Dhabi Government Employees’ Evening, “Barzat”.


The experience to celebrate and honor the Holy Month of Ramadan needed to be thoughtful and memorable while accommodating to the various needs of visitors.

In just three weeks, the entire event was conceptualized, planned, and successfully delivered. With more than 4,000 attendees, ADNEC Services produced a dynamic space that was rich with cultural celebration. Twenty-five

traditional majlis’ sprinkled the venue, while a curated selection photographs by international photographers visually narrated “Life in Abu Dhabi”.

The event strengthened relationships between governmental departments and successfully brought together employees for an evening of celebration and connection.

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