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Tilal Swaihan

Scope of Work:

Concept & Creative Direction,

Event Operations, Official

Contracting, Event Design

& Build, Event Management,

Venue Branding.


Tilal Swaihan, Abu Dhabi






Over 15,000

ADNEC Services was commissioned to design, build and manage a one-of-a-kind interactive sporting event for Tilal Swaihan, the newest safari tourism destination in Abu Dhabi. With over 30,000 spectators coming to the event — which was located in the middle of desert dunes — the technical and production challenges were exactly what ADNEC Services excels at.

A state-of-the-art standard racetrack was built to accommodate thousands of spectators, and ADNEC Services spearheaded all aspects of the experience: from way finding and crowd management, to contracting and complete event operations.

The design included campsite features for visitors to experience, like rustic desert seating areas. Dedicated areas for children and families, as well as other brand activations and gathering spaces, were infused with local culture while raising awareness about environmental conservation goals.

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